Queues and Queries

7 thoughts on “Queues and Queries”

  1. It’s good to know that you are settling in quite well (the English meaning and not the British meaning). I’m looking forward to finally learn British English! Thanks for the lesson! Quite interesting and fancy welcome event you had at Magdalene College! You even got to meet Master Rowan Williams! Good luck the rest of your year in Cambridge, make the best of it! Love always, Mom

  2. Melissa, great to hear you’re getting used to your new life at Cambridge. The matriculation dinner seemed like a wonderful way to get introduced to your college. I look forward to reading your next blog when things settle down a bit and learning about another difference between American and British English. Which reminds me: did you get your flu jab, er, shot yet?

      1. Hey, Melissa,
        I picked you out in the photo right away (if you are next to a guy with glasses and behind a woman with a turquoise/ bluish top. this was before I magnified it. So why are you in Magdalene if most of the students are not in your area of study? Where do you meet them? I like your Hall! Virginia

        1. Thanks, Aunt Virginia! I’m actually in the middle of the back row in between a very tall guy and a girl with blond hair. The Colleges are not arranged by study, it just so happens that many people in Magdalene study the sciences, and Cambridge itself has a very science-heavy population. I met other students in my department through get togethers and intro sessions because there are not many of us, and so everyone has been really proactive in getting to know one another and forming research groups, etc. Thanks for reading :)

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